Prof. Shiping Chen, CSIRO Data61

Blockchain in Action – Blockchain research and innovation

Bio: Prof. Shiping Chen is a senior principal research scientist at CSIRO Data61, where he is leading a research team dedicated to Blockchain R&D. He also holds a conjoint/adjunct professor with UNSW, UTS and Macquarie. He has been working on distributed systems for 20+ years with a focus on performance & security. He has published 280+ papers in these research areas and won 5+ Best Paper awards on top venues on software engineering and distributed systems (e.g., ICSE-2018 and CCGrid-2015). He is active in the cloud and service computing research community through journal editorships and conference services, such as PC Chair of ICBC-2018 and ICBC-2022, executive committee member (ECM) of IEEE TCBIS and ECM of IEEE TCSVC. He is a senior IEEE member and a fellow of the Institution of Engineering Technology (IET).

Shoufeng Cao, University of Queensland

How can the Indigenous Bushfood Industry benefit from Distributed Ledger Technology? Emerging application potentials and considerations

Bio: Shoufeng Cao is currently a research fellow in School of Agriculture and Food Sciences, The University of Queensland. His research expertise focuses on blockchain for business digitalisation, blockchain for supply chain solutions and blockchain for industries. He is working on the Indigenous bushfoods project to demonstrate application potentials of blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies.

Warwick Powell, Chair of Smart Trade Networks

The Odd Couple: Blockchains in the name of capital circuits and value flow and the case of China

When Time is Money: A Case Study of Supply Chain Circulation, Disintermediation and Value Distribution in Beef Supply to China with Blockchain Technologies

Bio: Warwick Powell is Adjunct Professor, School of Design, Queensland University of Technology. He is also founding chair of Smart Trade Networks, a blockchain applications research, development and commercialisation company. He is the author of "China, Trust and Digital Supply Chains: Dynamics of a Zero Trust World" (Taylor and Francis, 2022).

Dr Peter Robinson, Consensys

Front Running Attack Protection for Ethereum Smart Contracts

Bio: Dr Peter Robinson is a technical director and applied cryptographer working in ConsenSys Software’s R&D group on Crosschain and Bridges technologies. He has twenty-three granted patents in fields ranging from distributed computing, cryptography, blockchain, and virtualisation to graphical password design. In his spare time he runs the Ethereum Engineering Group Meet-up.

Mrisha Upadhyay, Southern Cross University

Importance of UX in Blockchain Technologies

Bio: Completed my under-graduation degree from Nepal in Computing (2019), I have worked in mobile application development as well as sales and marketing for 2-3 years. Both these backgrounds helped me develop my communication skills and understand the importance of end user and how shaping technology based on the end user will bring more value to the product/service. Currently doing my master’s degree in UX specialization, I strive to work in the same background in the upcoming future.

Zoraiz Mahmood, Immutable

Using Zero Knowledge Proofs to Scale Ethereum

Bio: Zoraiz Mahmood is a Blockchain Engineer at ImmutableX, working to extend support for emerging Layer 2 protocols such as StarkNet. His interests range from protocol-level blockchain development to application-level smart contracts, having previously worked at ASX on the DLT Solutions Team and Block8 on the Red Belly Blockchain Team.

Muhammad Nauman Mustafa, Griffith University

Blockchain for Secured Access Management of IoT

Bio: Muhammad Nauman Mustafa is pursuing a post-graduate degree a Master of Cyber Security from Griffith University, he also holds an engineering degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (major in Electrical Engineering) combined with an experience of around 5 years of working in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Project Management, Operational Technology Maintenance and Cyber Security.

Dr Naipeng Dong, University of Queensland

Efficiency Analysis of PBFT-based Blockchains

Bio: Dr. Naipeng Dong is an expert in automatic formal verification of security and privacy in cryptographic protocols, Android applications and blockchain systems. She obtained her Ph.D. in Doctor of Philosophy, University of Luxembourg. She has developed efficient automatic formal verification techniques with a focus on attacker reasoning and analysis on cryptogrpahic protocols, developed algorithms to verify fault-tolerance of systems with dishonest participants, and analysed systems in e-auction, e-health, Single-Sign-on authentication, and blockchain consensus. Her research interest are Formal Verification, Security, Privacy, Cryptographic Protocols, Blockchain and Smart Contract.

Dr Vishwas Patil, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Insights on Volatility in Cryptocurrencies

Bio: Dr Vishwas Patil is a Ph.D. from the University of Rome. He specializes in the field of information security and privacy with 15 years of R&D experience. At present, he is associated with the “Information Security Research & Development Center” at IIT-Bombay. His earlier associations include places like TIFR Mumbai, A-STAR Singapore, BNP Paribas Singapore.

Alexandra Smirnova, Griffith University

Blockchain Scalability Challenges In Business Adoption

Bio: Alexandra is a serial entrepreneur and founder of many digital agencies. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne. At the start of 2022 she decided to take on a new challenge and enrolled into a Master of Cyber Security at Griffith. Her areas of interest are cyber security, AI, blockchain, and smart cities. She is planning to complete her master degree by research and continue research in PhD. She aspires to be a contributor of the technology of tomorrow to business and lifestyle.

Franck Cassez, Consensys

Deductive Verification of Smart Contracts

Bio: Franck Cassez is a computer scientist with interest in formal methods, more specifically automated verification techniques such as software verification and model-checking, static analysis. He has contributed several important results in the theoretical foundations of verification of concurrent systems and also developed software analysis tools (static analysis, model-checking), Scala packages (SMT-solvers, finite automata), and recently Dafny-verified programs. Franck is currently with ConsenSys Software R&D and a member of the Trustworthy Smart Contracts team.

Daniel Cumming, University of Queensland

Verification of EVM Bytecode with Vale

Bio: Daniel Cumming, I have worked for The University of Queensland as a research assistant for formal methods projects over the past 2 years. I have worked on projects related to specifying the ARM64 instruction set, invariant generation techniques, and this project of verifying EVM bytecode with Vale.

Prof. Rudrapatna Shyamasundar, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

A Safety Assessment of Token Standards for Ethereum: ERC20 and Beyond

Bio: RK Shyamasundar is a Life Fellow of IEEE a Fellow of ACM, Distinguished ACM Speaker, a Distingusihed Alumnus of Indian Institute of Science, served as IEEE Distinguished Speaker, and was the founding Dean of School of Technology and Computer Science at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. He has been JC Bose National Fellow at TIFR and IIT Bombay and he is a INAE (Indian National Academy of Engineering) Distinguished Professor at the Department of Computer Science, IIT Bombay. He is an Adjunct Professor, NITIE, Mumbai. He is a fellow of all the national academies of science and engineering in India and also a fellow of world academy of sciences, Trieste, Italy. He is serving as Editor-in-Chief for Sadhana- Journal of Engineering Sciences of the Indian Academy of Sciences for Computing and Data Sciences, Subject-Area Editor for IET.

Dr Babu Pillai, Southern Cross University

Blockchain MEV minimisation solution with price guarantee reward

Bio: Dr Babu Pillai is a Lecturer and researcher at Southern Cross University within the faculty of science and engineering, Gold Coast, Australia. His research interest is in Blockchain, predominantly within the area of security, interoperability, digital assets, and application developments. He holds a Ph.D. in Blockchain (cross-chain technology) and a Masters in Information Technology from Griffith University. He received his technical qualification in Civil Engineering from India in 1995 and has worked in Australia, India, and the Middle East as an engineering professional in the building industry before joining academia in 2017.

Katrina Donaghy, Civic Ledger

Panel discussion

Bio: Katrina Donaghy is the CEO and Co-Founder of Civic Ledger, a purposeful technology company established to create new generation markets and economies for the way we account for shared public resources and nature-based assets. Katrina recognised the potential for governments and industry to apply blockchain technology to create new markets and economies of the future and co-founded Civic Ledger in late September 2016. She was the founding organiser of the Brisbane Women in Blockchain Meetup, former Industry Mentor at RMIT Online, Australia’s top provider of university on-line educational courses in blockchain technology, a past Director on the Blockchain Australia Board.

Dr Paul Ashley, Anonyome Labs

Panel discussion

Bio: Dr Paul Ashley is CTO and Co-CEO at Anonyome Labs. The company brings technology to everyday users that allows them to interact online and offline in safety, privacy and control. Paul’s responsibilities at Anonyome Labs includes product management, development, emerging technologies and IP protection (patents). Paul has worked extensively in software product development for more than 30 years, providing technical leadership across a range of security, privacy and identity products.