7:30 AM Registration and Coffee on arrival

8:25 AM: ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF COUNTRY Professor Nick Ashbolt, Southern Cross University
8:30 AM: WELCOME ADDRESS Prof Tyrone Carlin, Vice Chancellor, Southern Cross University
Chair: Prof Charles Lemckert, Chair of Engineering and Information Technology, Southern Cross University
Blockchain in Action – Blockchain research and innovation - Prof Chen Shiping, senior principal research scientist at CSIRO Data61
9:20 AM to 10:30 AM: SESSION – 1
How can the Indigenous Bushfood Industry benefit from Distributed Ledger Technology? – Emerging application potentials and considerations - Shoufeng Cao, University of Queensland
The Odd Couple: Blockchains in the name of capital circuits and value flow and the case of China - Warwick Powell, Chair of Smart Trade Networks
10:30 AM to 11:00 AM: Morning tea

11:00 AM to 12:30 AM: SESSION - 2
Chair: Prof DARSHANA SEDERA, Deputy Dean and Director of the Digital Enterprise Lab, Southern Cross University
Front Running Attack Protection for Ethereum Smart Contracts - Peter Robinson, Consensys
Importance of UX in Blockchain Technologies - Mrisha Upadhyay, Southern Cross University
Using Zero Knowledge Proofs to Scale Ethereum - Zoraiz Mahmood, Immutable
Blockchain for Secured Access Management of IoT - Muhammad Nauman Mustafa, Griffith University
12:30 PM Photo Session
12:35 PM to 1:30 PM: Lunch

11:20 PM to 1:30 PM: LIGHTNING TALK
Smart contract developers for stacks - Gordon Christian
How to educate, learn and grow in blockchain space - Dr Tony Lenko
Chair: Dr. Vinh Bui, Lecturer and Course Coordinator MIT, Southern Cross University
Efficiency Analysis of PBFT-based Blockchains - Dr. Naipeng Dong, University of Queensland
1:45 PM to 3:00 PM: SESSION - 3
Insights on Volatility in Cryptocurrencies - Vishwas Patil and R.K Shyamasundar, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Blockchain Scalability Challenges In Business Adoption - Alexandra Smirnova, Griffith University
Deductive Verification of Smart Contracts - Franck Cassez, Joanne Fuller and Horacio Mijail Anton Quiles, ConsenSys
Verification of EVM Bytecode with Vale - Daniel Cumming, Mark Utting, Naipeng Dong, Franck Cassez, Sadra Bayat Tork and Marten Risius, University of Queensland
3:00 PM to 3:30 PM: Afternoon tea

3:30 PM: SESSION - 4
Chair: Dr Golam SORWAR, Senior Lecturer, Southern Cross University
A Safety Assessment of Token Standards for Ethereum: ERC20 and Beyond - Rudrapatna Shyamasundar, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Blockchain MEV minimisation solution with price guarantee reward - Babu Pillai, Griffith University, Southern Cross University
When Time is Money: A Case Study of Supply Chain Circulation, Disintermediation and Value Distribution in Beef Supply to China with Blockchain Technologies - Warwick Powell, Shoufeng Cao and Charles Morris, Queensland University of Technology, SCP Capital
Chair: Dr. David Hyland-Wood, Griffith University
Has blockchain technology stagnated?
Katrina Donaghy (Civic Ledger) | Warwick Powell (Chair of Smart Trade Networks) | Dr. Peter Robinson (Consensys) | Dr. Paul Ashley (Anonyome labs)
5:00 PM to 5:30 PM: Close of Symposium & Networking

Network Drinks - sponsored by Chris Marsh, Business Engagement Officer (South), Gold Coast City council